Become a product-tester

If you keep a blog or you are an active participant in social networking we offer you a mutually beneficial cooperation. You can choose any model from Ganzo product range that you are interested in and get it for free. Instead, you prepare a detailed product overview based on your personal experience form using it, and publish it on your site. This is the simplest possible offer that allows you to get a high quality multi-tool, pocket sharpener or a knife for fishing, nature trips or camping.

We highly appreciate that people, who use Ganzo products, share their experience with us on quality, ease of use, durability of every model. We are sure that these tools can make your life easier, easily perform a number of activities during trips to nature or in household. Moreover, Ganzo tools manufacturers do listen the opinion of their customers. Therefore, your overview may be the decisive for implementation of any modifications to make the use of these knives and multi-tools more convenient.

If you are interested in this offer, please, send a request for the model you have selected for the overview as well as references to overviews you have prepared before so we can get acquainted with them, the name of the media platform where the Ganzo overview will be published. All offers will be reviewed and we will contact you promptly.

We wish you creative inspiration!

E-mail: [email protected]