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Knife Locking Mechanism - is an indispensable component in the design of each quality knife. This element allows you to prevent accidental storage of the tool during operation. Otherwise, the risk would always be maintained during operation. Thus, the lock protects users from injury and makes knife operationg procedure safer.

There are many varieties of knifes, each of which is worthy of fulfilling its mission. G-Lock – one of the most tipical mechanisms for Ganzo knives. What is the secret of its popularity? By design, this lock is similar to the Liner-lock. It also refers to a linear fixatives, in which the role of lock performs special plate. In fact, G-Lock and came as a modification of an earlier version - Liner-lock. This is a very simple mechanism, which is made from a limited number of parts. The absence of complex and miniature parts ensures longevity of this lock. Indeed, the smaller quantity of pieces, the lower probability that one of them can fails.

Unlike the parent version, Frame-Lock as a spring-loaded locking plate use the handle element. It also shifts depending on whether open or closed knife. Materials for Frame-Lock locks are selected exceptionally durable, resistant to various types of corrosion, with sufficient elasticity.

Frame-Lock is one of the most reliable version of the lock knife. It keeps working for many years even with regular knife usage. Moreover, such lock does not need any special care, unlike the G-Lock needs. Frame-Lock often mounted for tourist knives, which are intended for use in a field environment. They are also found in the universal model, suitable for fishing, hunting, in an urban environment or in a variety of other situations. Knives with integrated Frame-Lock has a lot of different models, among which you can choose the option with the best design for you and the rest of the performance. In any case, it will be a really high-quality knife and blade is securely held by integrated lock.