A small folding knife Firebird FB7621 will become a true "helper" in everyday life or during a hike. Although this model has relatively small overall dimensions, it copes with a wide range of tasks perfectly, which includes working with various products.

One of the most important advantages of this knife, in addition to design, is the excellent quality of work, due to the use of first-class materials, as well as the thoughtfulness of the design and adjustment of all components to each other.

In order to learn more about all the advantages of the Firebird FB7621, we offer you an overview of this knife.


Folding knife Firebird FB7621 is provided to the user in the original carton box, made in dark colors. In addition to the knife, the user will also find a nylon cover with a smooth surface. Compared with the previous case, it is more durable and wear-resistant.


The knife has a rather bright design, especially in the version with orange overlays. The blade has a "classic" shape and on one of its sides a laser engraved logo of Firebird. On the other side of the blade is the name of the model, the grade of steel used and the mention of Ganzo (the name before the rebranding).

The original solution in this model is not only the symmetrical through holes in the handle and its angular shapes, but also the presence of a bright backspeaker that performs a combination of the function of the fixture for fastening the lamb. Depending on the variations of the lining, the backspace will have one or another color different from the handle. Thus, the designers of the model Firebird FB7621 managed to create a really bright and memorable knife.


The blade has a length of 8.9 cm, the thickness of the shoe is 3.5 mm and was made in the form of a Drop-point, and also has a smooth sharpening of the cutting edge. This arrangement allows the use of a knife for a variety of jobs, where you may need to pierce or cut the action. The only nuance of this blade design is the "fragility" of the tip of the blade.

The blade of the model Firebird FB7621 is very durable and remains sharp for a long time, even when working with solid materials. This is due to the use of steel grade 440C and quenching to the level of ~ 58 HRC.

The extension of the blade is very simple. To do this, you can use a double-sided pivot or "inertial" way (pull the lock control lever and make a slight swing in the direction downward from itself). It should be noted that the blade has a very smooth stroke, so that the knife opens almost instantly, without significant effort.

Type of lock

As it was said earlier, the blade is fixed by Axis-lock. In the model Firebird FB7621, it is easy to control even one hand, however, it is almost impossible to open the knife accidentally. By its strength it can be compared with Liner-lock or a similar mechanism. But, like any other pin mechanism, the applied lock is susceptible to contamination. On the other hand, this model is positioned by the manufacturer as a universal EDC-knife (for everyday wearing).

The key advantage of the Axis-lock is the ability to control both the right and left hand.


The handle of the Firebird FB7621 knife, like most other knives of this manufacturer, consists of strong metal liners and a pair of clasps from the G10. For today, the presented knife is available in black, green and orange colors. This knife model is also available with a carbine handle (marking: FB7621-CF).

The holes are through and enter not only part of the design, but also allow to reduce the overall weight and make the knife more balanced in terms of ergonomics.

Backspacer is a fairly massive plate of G10 with a protruding part at the end of the handle, in which there is an opening for mounting a safety lanyard. This part can be painted in orange, yellow or blue (depending on the color of the overlays).

To one side of the handle is fastened a metal clip. When fixing the knife on the pocket, a small part of it will still "look out", however, it is guaranteed not to drop out when moving.


Firebird FB7621 with full confidence can be called a universal folding knife, suitable for everyday wearing in urban conditions. This is facilitated by a convenient grip and laconic design, and a durable blade and smooth opening of the knife.