The knife is provided in a simple cardboard packaging. It has a knife, a bag of air-bubble film, a bag of silica gel (absorbs moisture), an advertising booklet (with a 12-month warranty) and a branded nylon case.


The blade of the knife is made in the form of the Normal blade and has a smooth sharpening of the cutting edge. The knife surely cuts like a variety of products, and small branches. But because of the rather large width of the blade at the butt (3.3 mm), it can literally crash into some products (potatoes, cucumbers, etc.) without cutting them, but breaking them. However, for everyday wear or outdoor recreation, this level of cut will be more than enough. It is also worth noting that the knife not only cuts well, but also is able to pierce most materials due to the durable and well-finished tip of the blade. The length of the blade is 8.7 cm - a kind of standard among tourist knives.

One of the key features of the Firebird FH11 folding knife is that high-quality D2 stainless steel hardened to the level of ~ 59-61 HRC is used to make its blade. Due to this, the blade is not only resistant to corrosion, but also has excellent strength and wear resistance. Compared to 440C steel, which is used for the production of other Ganzo / Firebird knives, D2 remains sharp longer and does not crumble even during long and intensive use, including when working with sufficiently hard materials (plastic, bone, thick cardboard and .d.)

The blade is extracted using a special “fin” (Flipper). On this part, as well as on the butt of the blade, there is a sufficiently deep notch that allows the fingers not to slide off.

On the one hand, a laser logo was applied to the surface of the blade by laser engraving, and on the other hand, information on which model it is and the grade of steel used. By the way, the surface of the blade is grinded practically “in the mirror” and is capable of reflecting some objects, and also glares on the sun.

To open the blade must be a minimum of effort. It literally "flies out" and occupies a working position in less than a second. With proper skill, the Firebird FH11 knife can definitely compete with some automatic or semi-automatic models in opening speed. This feature is due to the presence of special bearings. Due to the original design, they not only make the opening of the knife simpler, but are also well protected from dust and small debris, so you can use this knife for camping, fishing and even hunting.

Lock type

For fixing the knife in the open form meets the lock Liner-lock. This is an extremely simple and reliable mechanism that is easy to use and unpretentious in care. When the blade is opened, the lock plate becomes under the "heel" of the blade by about 1 / 2-1 / 3 part and reliably supports it, preventing the knife from folding even under a large load.

The liner-lock plate itself has an original shape and is located in a special notch on the handle, due to which it is easily located even by touch.


The handle of the Firebird FH11 model is made according to the “classics of the genre” for this manufacturer and consists of a pair of steel plates as well as overlays from G10. The liners are solid, not lightweight and also polished almost “in the mirror”.


The plates have angular shapes, special grooves and a textured surface, due to which the knife comfortably lies in the palm of your hand while holding both straight and reverse grip.

The massive backspacer is also made of G10 and also has a device for installing a safety strap. By the way, this model is available with overlays in black or green (turquoise) color. And on one of the sides of the handle is attached a metal removable clip that allows you to almost completely hide the knife in your pants pocket.


Modern materials, sleek design and excellent build quality make the Firebird FH11 one of the best folding knives in this price segment. It is simple and easy to use, durable and truly versatile, due to which it is suitable for everyday wear in the city (an EDC knife), and for outdoor activities and even repairs.