Focus on design

Good quality, as for medium-price knives, is the traditional feature of the Ganzo brand. But in addition to it, the company decided to bet on a stylish design.

Ganzo F7551 - folding, like most models of this brand. This is an excellent design option for tourist, fishing, hunting knives. After all, they simply carry with them not only in a backpack or waist belt, but also simply in your pocket, using every time this becomes necessary. Looking at him, first of all, of course, the design rushes into his eyes. The knife has a very original blade shape.

As for the design of the handle, it remained quite in the style of Ganzo. Made a handle made of fiberglass G10, popular now due to strength, ductility and durability.

But design is by no means the only quality of the knife that is important for buyers. Therefore, the next item will focus on the technical characteristics and features of the materials used for this model. For the blade manufacturers took stainless steel 440C. This metal is among the most popular in the knife industry. At a low cost, it not only protects the knife from the appearance of rust in the process of operation, but also provides it with sufficient hardness to keep the blade sharpened.

Its length is 85 mm, and the thickness of the shoe reaches 3.3 mm.

In general, the model Ganzo F7551 took a worthy place among the previously released knives brand Ganzo. The knife looks modern, made of durable materials. It is well suited for trips to nature, can be used for fishing, hiking, or just daily use as an auxiliary tool.