Ganzo G753 model: features

Ganzo G753 knife simultaneously supports the company's traditions and looks stylish modern model with an original design. It is folding knife, therefore it will be convenient in the maximum number of situations: for everyday use, for trips, for hiking etc.

The length of the blade is 8.9 cm - an indicator that is quite usual for tourist knives and convenient for use but remains convenient as a pocket model. The blade is very durable due to a thickness of 3.3 mm, so that it will be able to withstand fairly large loads. It is also important that for the production of G753 model 440C steel was chosen. It is a stainless alloy, widely used by many large knife manufacturers. It gives to blade the necessary level of protection against water, but at the same time it gives the high hardness of the blade, which is necessary to keep it sharpened.

So, in terms of the choice of materials, the model Ganzo G753 completely corresponds to the traditions of the manufacturer. Among other models,Ganzo G753 stands out with an unusual shape of the blade. Despite this fact, it has the usual form of drop-point. G753 knife looks more modern and stylish than the other models. 

There are several options for the handle in G753 model. It can be fiberglass with a composite structure (G10) or even carbon fiber, both materials are extremely durable. In addition, they are very light and comfortable in use. You can choose a knife with dark green, orange or black G10 handle. Carbon fiber goes only in black.

Regardless of the material and color of the handle, each Ganzo G753 is equipped with a convenient G-lock. This mechanism can be proud of its durability. Ganzo G753 model is really beautiful, convenient and very practical knife.