Multitools today are part of the lives of those people who often use multi-functional tools. But the brand multitools have a rather high cost. And here always, to the aid is ready to come Ganzo.

The Ganzo company has been on the market for a long time and our products have proved to be a good price / quality ratio. We present you one of our Ganzo G302B multitools, which is almost the flagship of the model line.

Packaging is a cardboard box, inside of which is a multitool, a set of interchangeable bits and a belt case.

The cover is tight, it can be hung on the strap both horizontally and vertically. Closes the button. Inside there is a compartment for the holder with bits.

The multitool has full-sized pliers with false nippers for snapping wire. Additional tools hidden in the handle of the multitool are obtained with closed pliers and each of them has a lock, which increases the reliability and safety of working with the tool.

The photo shows some cunning wire, which is very difficult to break, except, with the help of a file, and the multitool coped with it. Nail clippers snack, but not slate.

The arms of the pliers are slightly curved, have plastic ribbed inserts for better grip, so that the multitool does not slip in the hand.

In the closed state, the main tools - a knife, a staple cutter, a nail file - can be opened with one hand.

The instruments open gently, they are not drawn and when opening one tool, the neighboring ones do not open.

Each hilt has its own set of tools hidden. The tools are quite working, although, perhaps, I would like to change some.

In one handle there is a knife, a can opener, a ring for a safety cord, a flat screwdriver, scissors.

In the second handle there is a knife-serritor, a small knife and an awl, a base for the bit holder, a saw.

The bits in the kit are of good quality. If necessary, they can be replaced with better ones or choose a set of bits, based on their needs. Bits are standard, the adapter for fixing them is magnetic.

The flatteners are spring-loaded, making it easier to work with one hand. Overhead nippers have to improve snacking properties. Especially they help with snacking of cables.

Reduction of sponges is good, no backlashes.

Multitool Ganzo G302b can be chosen as a budget and quite a working tool with a good price-quality ratio.

In the Ganzo lineup, there are other, simpler models, which also deserve attention.