GANZO G716 and GANZO G717

Knife models G716 and G717 are similar, but they have some difference.

Length: G716 - 12cm, G717 - 12,5cm.
Blade length of both models - 8,5 cm, thickness - 3.5 mm.
Weight: G716 - 145 grams, G717 - 152 grams.
Both blades have "Axis" type of lock and handle material for both knives is G10 fiber-glass.
G716 and G717 have pocket clips, their position can be changed (left/right side). 

Ganzo G717 has glass breaker on the butt of its handle, it also fixes the clip. The base of the handle - steel plates, G717 model has a small steel insert between them, which should increase the comfort of work even in hard use.
G716 model looks a little less and has its own shape of blade.
Knives also have different thumbstuds for one-handed opening. The notch at the base of the spine in G716 model performs only decorative function. Thumbstud of G717 model also is not very conducive for fixing the thumb and holding it from slipping.

G717 G716 handles, as it noticed above, are made of G10 material which is reduces knife slipping in the hand. Patterns on the handles have more decorative function, although Ganzo G717 handle is more practical. These knives come in a variety of colors.
The steel used for G717 G716 blades - 440c stainless steel with 58HRC hardness. Blades have fluoroplastic washers and conventional screws. G717 and G716 - knives which have caused a pleasant impression considering their price range.