GANZO G724 - sturdy knife for small palm

Sometimes simple products on the picture are really interesting in reality. It happened with Ganzo G724 knife. It has nothing special, but knife fans know that it is a "strong middling."

Many people think that G724 model is designed to complement G704 to some extent. At the same time G724 has acquired several positive aspects: it has more smooth, but quite nice thumb ramp and brass washers on the pivot.

The handle has more anatomical shape, unlike G704 handle. However, retention of comfort will depend on the size of your palm. But anyway, G724 knife is more enjoyable than G704.

Lock is still the same - G-Lock. This mechanism is made good: moving parts have quite smooth and steady work.

Pocket clip is attached to the end of the handle by one screw. Screw head has a "cullet" form. Pocket clip can be rotated to any parties of the handle. It is more practical than G704 model has, because G724's clip is softer and better rounded.

G724 knife is lightweight - about 130 grams. The thickness of the blade on the spine - 3 mm. Shape blade resembles the blade of G720 model but slightly smaller. Blade length is just 8 cm. G724 has good sharpening right out of the box.

Ganzo G724 - very good knife with simple accurate assembly and design. But choosing knife you should consider how G724 model will lie in your hand. Ganzo G724 is clearly not for big hands. However its small size makes G724 knife ideal for carrying in your pocket.

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James M. StriblingreplyMarch 23, 2017 05:36

Does the G724 feature a Flat Ground blade. For instance the G727M has a flat ground blade.