Knife - is the main tool, we are sure of this statement. And the main thing in tool selection - not to be mistaken.

The G720's size is almost identical to the G704 model. The basic difference we can find in G10-scales (their thickness and picture). Interesting, but the distance between the steel dies also the same: G704 has thicker spacer washers on the G-Lock of the blade.

Both of models have the same lock, but G704's lock walks tighter. The lock is quite reliable and you'll not have pollution problems.

G720's clip is much more convenient: it is wider and springs better. You can put this knife completely in the pocket, so it'll not stick out. The clip is attached to the handle by one screw, and its head is the cullet. Near the clips you can also see the lanyard hole.

The handle of the palm side is closed by insert - it gives this knife more completed view.

The blade of the knife has a thickness of 4 mm, blade length 90 mm, width - about 32 mm, slopes start high, but not from the spine. On the spine a thumb ramp with non-aggressive notch is located. It's more convenient than the G704. 

The knife is more pleasant in hand than G704 - the large width of the handle is affected. Indeed, everything is relative.

Steel Blade - 440С stainless steel, glossy (it's not matt like the G704). Sharpening from the very beginning looks really great.

Briefly summarizing, Ganzo G720 - an excellent replacement for the model G704. We can't stop the evolution, so G720 - good innovative choice.