OVERVIEW GANZO G722: heavyweight folder

Many people believe that great knife should have great weight which you'll be glad to feel in your hand. Is this assumption truly?

Ganzo G722 model, perhaps, can be called one of the heaviest Ganzo knives, because its weight - nearly a quarter of a kilogram. It sounds daunting, but it is "only" 230 grams.

Big weight is associated with construction and design of G722 knife. This model has only one G10-fiberglass scale on the handle. The second part of the handle - thick steel plate, which gives most of the weight to the knife. There are several versions of this model, available colors are black, green and orange. Pattern on the handle excludes slipping in palm, so it's really useful.

G722 design, shape of the handle and the blade are very similar to the model G720. Knife has length about 9 cm in folded position, and 21 cm - in unfolded.
The spine of blade has 4mm thickness. There is also two-side thumbstud for one-handed opening. On the spine of the knife you can see wavy thumb ramp for comfortable use. Similar ramp is located on the handle, and it is very practical. Blade sharpening is not bad. Cutting edge continues to the choil. Knife has smooth work of blade and brass washers on its axis.

G722 knife has Frame-lock mechanism, it is different from Axis-lock and easier in production. Lock securely fixes the blade, its spring is located on the no-lining-side of the handle. Pocket clip is secured by a screw, acting as a "cullet". Clip's location can be selected by the owner to the left or to the right side.
This knife is good choise for large hands. Big weight is very noticeable and very unusual characteristic of G722. This model is very interesting: it conveys solidity, reliability and simplicity. Actually, G722 knife leaves a very good impression!