Cuchillo Ganzo G722 (Negro, Verde, Naranja) reseñas

Joseph R Matteini 11/21/2017 20:47

I also bought one of these.I like heavy and hope Ganzo comes out with other tanks like this. I have lifted weights for goining on 57 years so heavy is relative to me. I also got the g720 another tank.The quality of these knives is unrivaled in this price range and beyond.

12/11/2017 13:06

Dear Joseph ! Thanks for your positive feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo products!

Douglas Barrow 05/17/2016 08:15

This is a big pocket knife. It is a heavy pocket knife, and I really like it. The blade is thick, heavy and sharp. When you flip out the blade with the thumb studs it slaps out with a satisfying "clack", and stays strongly locked in place. The textured G10 on one side of the handle feels good and offers good grip. the frame lock side is stonewashed stainless steel. There is no blade play at all and the blade is nicely centered. This model is basically a frame lock version of the Ganzo G720, another excellent Ganzo knife. The 440C steel holds it's edge pretty well 05/20/2016 17:41

Hello Douglas! Someone says - this model is too heavy and massive, but many people love it exactly because of that. It's unexplainable, you can just feel it in your hand. Thank you so much for your mini-review! Regards.

Ethan 01/24/2016 12:32

High quality for the price. Much better quality control then the first year Gonzo knives came on the market. Worth twice the price. Arrived extremely sharp. I did use a fine oil on the pivot. Opens super fast with no rubbing noise. Would definitely purchase again.

12/11/2017 13:06

Thanks for your positive feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo products!

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