Multiherramienta Ganzo G301 reseñas

Peader 12/30/2016 19:59

The BEST multi-tool sold. High quality & EXCELLENT price. I refuse to buy over priced tools - the G301 is the standard. I will be purchasing many of these as gifts for "practical" people. Strongly recommend!

01/03/2017 18:05

Hello Peader! G301 is a really nice compact multi-tool at an affordable price. Thanks for your kind fedback. Good choice!

Timothy 03/11/2016 20:27

It was okay, but there were too many tools that didn't apply to my needs. This Multi-tool is perfect for practical small fixes. I really like the multiple screw driver bits, comes in handy when you don't want bring out the tool box for a small job. The best thing of all, is the price. Way cheaper than a leatherman with the same options. And does feel very solid in hand, feels like it was built some quality. Overall I like it and I would recommend it. 04/19/2016 18:40

Hello Timothy! Thank you for detailed review! Multi-Tool Ganzo G301 really universal! It can help you in different situations and different places where you can be, you just need to put it in your pocket - that's all!

Jonathan 02/05/2016 08:24

Love this tool.

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