Multiherramienta Ganzo G302-Н reseñas

Piyapoj 02/20/2019 08:59

Bought one. Very nice product and super good value. Wish all the sharp things were sharper, but they are not bad from factory. Keep going GANZO !

02/26/2019 13:17

Dear Piyapoj,

Thank you for good words!

giovanni gruen 10/27/2018 09:30

Hello, please replace one of the Blades in the wonderfull Tool with a file - this will be perfect...

10/29/2018 13:08

Dear Giovanni,

Thank you very much for your suggestion! We will consider it!

giovanni gruen 10/30/2018 10:32

...thank you for the remarkable fast Response...

Pauly 04/09/2018 04:43

Why don’t you drop the bit kit and put a file on the tool

04/18/2018 08:05

Thank you for your comment and we will consider your offer! You can describe your problem on the e-mail address [email protected]

Elijah 03/12/2016 16:30

Very good option for the price 04/18/2016 14:17

Thank you for your comment! Multitool Ganzo G302 - it's an ideal correlation of quality and price!

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