Multiherramienta Ganzo G302B reseñas

Szekypapa 01/15/2019 20:53

Nagyon szeretem! Meg vagyok elégedve vele. Nem bántam meg hogy vettem egyet!

Tomasz 11/30/2018 07:02

Very good tool for the price. I wait for the next model of multitool. Only serrated blade is not sharp. Thanks.

12/04/2018 14:41

Dear Tomasz,

Thanks a lot for your warm words ans 5 stars!

Wayne Johnson 07/11/2017 07:45

Fantastic multi tool have used many times now and has not let me down. I particularly like the pliers and the screwdrivers. The knife is also very sharp and well made. Whole construction is done well.

07/25/2017 11:28

Hello Wayne!Thanks for your comment. It's really nice to read that you like our production.

Dylan 01/25/2016 14:44

Overall good value but with a few problems. The blade and saw had a little play and are on the small side, the flap inside the sheath was misshapen. The pliers are fantastic as well as the screwdriver bit system. For the money its still 5 stars.

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