Cuchillo Ganzo G710

Cuchillo plegable GANZO G710, tiene alta resistencia de la cuchilla, facilidad de operación, así como un buen agarre con la palma durante su uso



Descripción del cuchillo Ganzo G710:

 El G710 tiene la cuchilla de alta resistencia, hecha de acero de aleación de alto contenido de carbono, lo que contribuye a al nivel de confiabilidad más alto y conservación de su aspecto durante largo tiempo en caso de su uso frecuente. El cuchillo es increíblemente resistente a corrosión. El grosor de la cuchilla es 3,8 milímetros. La longitud de la cuchilla es 8,2 cm. La longitud en el estado plegado es 11,1 cm, el tamaño total del cuchill es 19,3 cm.

Ganzo G710 también atrae la atención con su mango conveniente y duradero, reforzado con una aleación especial G10 (textolita) y fabricado con materiales que proporcionan el mejor agarre con la palma.

La cuchilla está equipada con la cerradura Axis Lock, que le permite al portador fijar el cuchillo tanto en estado cerrado como en el abierto, lo que facilita su operación en la vida cotidiana. Ganzo G710 es un cuchillo simple y versátil que puede satisfacer tanto a cazadores como a pescadores, turistas y aficionados sencillos del descanso activo.


  • cerradura - Axis Lock;
  • la combinación del mango negro y de la cuchilla de cromo hace que el cuchillo sea muy elegante;
  • cuchilla con afilado recto;
  • peso del cuchillo: 160 gramos, lo que le permite llevarlo en diferentes situaciones.

Garantía: el fabricante otorga una garantía de 1 año.

Tipo de cuchillo Plegable
Tipo de cerradura G¡-cerradura
Borde de cuchilla Plano
Punto Clip Point
Material de cuchilla 440C (58-60 HRC)
Color de cuchilla Gris
Material de mango G10
Color de mango Negro
Longitud total, mm 193
Longitud cerrada, mm 111
Longitud de cuchilla, mm 82
Grosor de cuchilla, mm 4
Peso de cuchillo, g 160
Garantía 1 año

Cuchillo Ganzo G710 reviews

John 01/05/2016 03:10

I will add that the people that trash Ganzo knives cause they are Chinese and "not made in the USA" are the same people buying IPhones, Japanese televisions, imported cars, and foreign made microwaves. These Ganzo knives are excellent and a fraction of the price of Benchmades. The quality of the knife is excellent and was razor sharp out of the box. Highly recommended. 05/14/2016 15:27

Hello John! Thank you so much for your comments. Ganzo is a really good choice for people who want to pay for the quality and don't believe in popular mythes like "chinese products are bad and defective".

sidney loos 12/25/2018 18:07


sidney loos 12/25/2018 18:08


Mark Gray 05/31/2016 18:10

I bought this knife because I like the look of it. This is a really great EDC blade. It came razor sharp (I know because it cut me...Twice LOL) User error...You can't go wrong with this or any of the knives Ganzo offers 06/01/2016 18:38

Hello Mark! You are right G710 - the best EDC knife. It is easy to use, compact and really sharp (take care! haha). Thanks for your feedback!

Jake 01/07/2017 03:12

This is one of my all time favourite folding knives with a 3.5 inch blade. It is big enough to do almost everything I want, and small enough to fit in a pocket easily. The 440C steel is an excellent low cost knife steel and it stays sharp fairly long and is easy to sharpen up. The blade shape and tip are STRONG and super useful. I always tell everyone who is looking for a knew folding knife to check out Ganzo because you guys make the best low cost knives in the whole world. I hope you start to make it with more colour options.

01/11/2017 17:32

Thank you for comment left every time we read the reviews from our customers, we try to realize your wishes!

Jakub Capek 05/16/2017 19:31

Bought this knife last week and so far so good! Was suprised by the weight and feel. Really feels great in the hand and with the blade style it is excellent. Sharp out of the box. 440C steel is very good indeed.

Liam Wesson 01/28/2019 15:48

This is my, "Daddy's got work to do knife" well... Folding knife. The weight of the blade works well with the G-lock, it ensures that gravity will open and close the knife for you. (Once the G-Lock has been manually actuated) This is a valuable trait when you have got only 1 hand to spare. The thick liners strengthens the locking mechanism to give you confidence that your knife will survive. However, that lovely g10 in combination with a superman strength pocket clip means you need 2 if not 3 hands to get it in and out the pocket. Don't despair this this can be fixed in 15 seconds with your bare hands by hyper extending the clip away from the handle by about 1cm for 2 seconds.

01/30/2019 10:26

Dear Liam. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your opinion!

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