Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde)

El cuchillo Ganzo 7211 es un modelo plegable con con la cuchilla de satén de acero inoxidable. Las dimensiones del cuchillo son bastante compactas para llevarlo en un bolsillo. Este modelo será adecuado para uso urbano y también será útil para los pescadores, cazadores y otros aficionados al descanso activo fuera de la ciudad.



Descripción del cuchillo Ganzo G7211:

 El cuchillo Ganzo 7211 está diseñado para ser usado en una variedad de situaciones: pesca, caza o senderismo, así como en las condiciones urbanas. Su tamaño pequeño y la forma ergonómica del mango son adecuadas lo perfecto posible para que el cuchillo se convierta en una parte integral del equipamiento que usted lleva consigo cada vez que sale al aire libre.

Como el material para la hoja de este cuchillo, los fabricantes han elegido el acero inoxidable de grado 440С. Esta aleación contiene manganeso, silicio y cromo, que contribuyen a la alta resistencia del metal y le dan buenas propiedades anticorrosivas. La dureza de la hoja para el cuchillo Ganzo 7211 alcanza las 58-60 unidades según la escala de Rockwell. El cuchillo permanece afilado durante largo tiempo y es adecuado para trabajar con varios materiales. Los fabricantes lo afilaron con un afilado universal del tipo recto, y la superficie de la hoja fue pulida con un acabado satinado. Este tipo de tratamiento de la superficie de la hoja está diseñado de tal manera que la cuchilla se haga semi-brillante, y en su superficie se forme un patrón discontinuo fino del material de pulido.

Dado que el cuchillo Ganzo 7211 es un modelo plegable, está equipado con un mecanismo de bloqueo que mantiene la hoja en posición necesaria. En este caso se usa la cerradura Auto Lock que permite abrir rápidamente el cuchilla con una mano y elimina completamente el cambio accidental en la posición de la hoja.

El mango está hecho de un material combinado: acero inoxidable y plástico de composite G10. Esta combinación hizo posible lograr una durabilidad alta, resistencia a cualquier tipo de corrosión.


  • hoja está hecha de acero inoxidable 440C;
  • dureza del metal es 58-60 HRC;
  • placas para el mango están hechas de plástico G10 y acero;
  • cuchilla se fija con la cerradura Auto;
  • peso del cuchillo - 135 g;
  • longitud de la hoja es 85 mm, ancho según la mocheta es 3 mm.

Garantía: La empresa Ganzo proporciona una garantía de 1 año para el cuchillo Ganzo 7211

Tipo de cuchillo Plegable
Borde de cuchilla Plano
Material de cuchilla 440C (58-60 HRC)
Color de cuchilla Gris
Material de mango G10
Color de mango negro, verde, gris
Longitud total, mm 200
Longitud cerrada, mm 115
Longitud de cuchilla, mm 85
Grosor de cuchilla, mm 3
Peso de cuchillo, g 135
Garantía 1 año

Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) reviews

Harry 02/04/2016 17:41

Initially, I was a little bummed out about this product. Packaging was great, nice heft, looked to be good quality. When I pressed the button however, the knife only opened about 3/4 of the way. I played around with it the first day, working the blade back and forth hoping to loosen things up. By the end of the day nothing had changed. Gave it a little shot of WD40, worked it some more and gave up for the day. The next morning I hit the button and it snapped into place. It's worked like a champ since. May have had a few burrs hindering the opening. That aside, this is a very nice knife for the price. Razor sharp. The tip is very sharp so watch yourself. Thumbs up.

Christopher 02/07/2016 05:29

Love this knife. for the price it's damn well built and functions well. The style is great and pocket clip let's it sit deep in the pocket. I actually purchased two of these for my own collection, and bought two for my friends. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say you won't be disappointed if you get this knife.

Donald 02/08/2016 14:00

Bang for the buck is there. Switch out the washer, the use a clear plastic washer. Go phosphor bronze for washers. Beautiful lockup. Zero blade play. Looks a lot more expensive than it really is. The blade comes sharp enough to shave right out the box, that's been holding it's edge for over 6 months. Great buy.

Bill Miner 05/13/2016 07:27

I have an extensive mostly high end knife collection and was a little apprehensive to purchase this knife simply because of the price. After receiving this knife I will say the I was thoroughly impressed. From it's smooth action, edge retention, G10 quality even it's hardware I would put this knife up against knives in my collection that cost hundreds more. I am excited to have discovered the Ganzo brand and am very much looking forward to the next addition to my collection. Also worth mentioning, I work in maintenance for a decent size city in MI. My coworkers being aware of my interest in bladed tools frequently ask my opinion for their knife purchases, mostly EDC purchases (I also get 2-3 knives a week to take home and sharpen and/or repair) I am excited to be able to recommend Ganzo to the boys and hope whatever knife they choose holds an edge like my first Ganzo because I sure could use a break from sharpening and repair. They have learned not to attempt to give me their $10-$20 department store knives because I won't sharpen or repair these tools. Instead I insist they invest a little more money into a tool most use daily. Ganzo has given these rather "frugal" spenders an excellent option. Excellent quality, extreme value, where else do you find this combination now a days?

05/13/2016 17:13

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback! You are right, Ganzo G7211 like all the Ganzo tools has perfect quality and available price. Hope other Ganzo-products will also inspiring to you to write such a great comments!

Brian 11/20/2016 21:50

Wow! This knive performs way above its price point. Comes razor sharp and gets even sharper with a few strokes on a 1200 grit rod. Blade does not wobble. I adjusted the screws to regulate the blade opening speed to my liking. Kinda heavy for its size but that reflects the solid build of the knife. Will still fit in your pocket for a EDC knife. 440c Steel is a high quality steel with good edge holding and anti-corrosion properties. The green version comes in an eye pleasing olive green color. Best $25 knife you will ever see. Works like a Benchmade at a fraction of the price. Love this knife.

11/21/2016 17:00

Dear Brian! Thank you for your nice words and sharing your experience! Continue to enjoy Ganzo!

Matt 06/18/2017 19:48

Outstanding knife for the money. Have had mine for over a year and it is my EDC knife... stays literally razor sharp with a touch from my Ken Onion knife sharpener every couple weeks. Extremely nice quality and solid lockup with no play. Looking for different versions to buy..

Matt 06/18/2017 19:49

Meant to hit 5 stars..

Scott Satterlee 02/13/2018 19:50

I bought my knife at a gun show. Had it for 2 years never sharpened it. still cut rope, pry - farm usage - best knife ever, especially for the money. Never had any issue with it. Auto opens perfectly - very handy.

04/18/2018 07:42

Dear Scott! Thank you for the positive mark of this model. We will be happy to see you in our store again!

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Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde) Cuchillo Ganzo G7211 (Negro, Verde)