Multiherramienta Ganzo G301H reseñas

Neil 03/08/2016 08:30

This review is based on my impression upon receiving the item, I will update if a problem arises. The kit (multitool, bits, and case) is a little on the heavy side, probably not something I will carry in my pocket. The flip side of that is that it is actually large enough to be useful. The case is stiff to retain its shape and has a belt loop on its back side, it also has an inside pocket for the bits. The bits that came with my tool are gold colored, might be easier to see if dropped. The blades are sharp and lock in place. The grooved handle pieces covering the folding parts are plastic, but the remainder of the tool is decently finished steel. The pliers jaws meet well. There is a slight bit of play in the blades, but with the lock engaged they should work just fine. I think these will help save me from running to my tool boxes for quite a few small jobs. For the price I think this set deserves 5 stars. 04/25/2016 17:31

Hello Neil! Thank you for detailed review, nice to see when our customers give 5 stars to our products! It's really nice multi-tool, good choise!

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